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Thomas J Daniels

Male. Lives in Brea, California, United States.
Thomas J Daniels
by April 7, 2021
"Showoff Your Talent in Video" Brad Lewis and the Lazy Bastards Brad Lewis - Vocals/ Guitar Tom Richards- Harp Tim Reed - Bass Gary Geiser - Drums
Thomas J Daniels
by February 3, 2021
In music, "Show Off Your Talent In Video" A Beatles song, "Norwegian Wood". Concert Pianist Martin Gerschwitz performing at Crossline Church, Lake Forect, Californa.  
Thomas J Daniels
by January 22, 2021
Challenging Scenes: 1954 Crime Drama. Information from IMDB. A woman's sanity comes into question, after she claims to have witnessed a murder from her apartment window. Director:  Roy Rowland  |  John Alton  -  director of photography  |  Writer:  Chester Erskine (original screenplay) Stars: Barbra Stanwyck  -  Cheryl Draper George Sanders  -  Albert Richter Gary Merrill  -  Lawrence Mathews
Thomas J Daniels
by December 30, 2020
"The Heckling" Great PRACTICE MATERIAL to improve your acting skills. Work with your peers to act out this scene and the use your video camera to record it. Have fun and please pass the word about castingnotices.com.
Thomas J Daniels
by December 25, 2020
Challenging Scenes, find a partner and record this scene with your camera. This sceen,  George is uncertain about his future, strolls by Mary's house ( his childhood love. ) With an advance call by George's mom, Mary anxiously waits for him at the window to invite him. James Stewart - George Bailey Donna Reed - Mary Hatch Sarah Edwards Mrs. Hatch Frank Albertson - Sam Wainwright Directed by Frank Capra  
Thomas J Daniels
by December 17, 2020
Joim our Talent Club and "Showoff Your Talent in Video." Find a peer and act out this scene from home. Jean Boyajian just had a biopsy awaiting results. In the meantime her doctor perscribed her antibiotics. Matthew challenges her about her perscription needs.
Thomas J Daniels
by November 28, 2020
Showoff Your Talent. Memories of Moscow. Concert pianist Martin Gerschwitz performing at Crossline Church in Lake Forest, California. Written and composed by Martin Gerschwitz. This song is the exclusive property of martin Gerschwitz.
Thomas J Daniels
by October 22, 2020
PRACTICE SCENES, Michael Landon's Highway to Heaven tv series (1988)  This is a great sceen to do for practice purposes. Ladies, get your peers together and practice this very emotional scene. Use your video camera to record it when you feel you are ready.