by on March 4, 2020
Make a appointment and come in for a half hour session and make a video reel. Just $59.00. Be prepared with your script before you come in. Call Tom at 949 533-7428. CastingNotices.Com
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by on May 6, 2019
Showcase Your Videos Here on CastingNotices.Com.. As an "Introductory Offer", just $39.00 per year. As a member "Showoff Your Talent in Video". "Self Promote Yourself". ...
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by on May 3, 2019
Join our TALENT CLUB on CastingNotices.Com. Make it your entertainment HomeBase.  Our theme is "Show Off Your Talent In Video". Upload your headshots and hundreds of photos, Showoff your talent in video. Video record a 10 minute scene from a tv show or movie. Get together with your friends and rehearse  lines and then act it out on video and let the magic happen. You just created a 10 minute remake of a movie.  Share casting notices with your peers.Self promote yourself by sending out your...
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by on May 1, 2019
Get your video camera out, act out a monologue, a drama scene, a comedy act. Sing songs, play your instrument, upload a live scene gig. Just SHOW OFF YOUR TALENT. Have fun doing what you love to do. Self promote yourself with your videos. Send your videos out to agents, managers, booking agents, casting directors and potential employers.   
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