Here Are The Rules.....


1.>  Make CastingNotices.Com you home base.

2.>  All talented are people welcome. This includes singers, musicians, bands, dancers, actors, actresses, children talent, story tellers,
comedians and more.

3.>  The Theme for CastingNotices.Com  exclusive TALENT CLUB is to "Show Off Your Talent in Video"

4.>  As CastingNotices.Com grows you'll have plenty of members support encouragement and advice from your peers.

5.>  You'll have unlimited photo and 150 video uploads per year. Scenes limited to 10 minutes. So get your video camera out and get out your storyboard. Plan on a song, story, comedy act, act out commercials, a stage scene. Whatever you feel you can do best at.

6.>  Here's some ideas,  Copy a short 10 minute scene from a movie, tv show, old tv show, comedy sitcom, a commercial you seen on TV. Do sportcasting scenes, anchor news scenes. Find what works best for you and work at it. Get together with your peers and do scenes together.
If you feel your video is good, send it out to agents, managers, booking agents, casting directors, potential clients.

7.>  The important thing is "Just Have Fun!"

8.>  PLEASE NOTE: CastingNotices.Com is Non Political.
No political videos expressing your political views, racial comments, sexual bias, hatred towards anyone or anyones opinion, or religion.

9.>  No profanity or racial, political, ethnic insults or threats to your peers.

10.>  CastingNotices.Com is open to all talent from all ethnicities. Our objective is for all members be creative and just have fun putting your talent to work. So go ahead and show off your talent on CastingNotices.Com. You'll be surprise with what you come up with on video.

11.>  CastingNotices.Com will be an outlet for talented members to develope your skills. style, define your niche. An outlet to grow confidence within yourself.

12.>  NOTE: CastingNotices.Com is advertisment free. No adds or advertisers here. No advertisers will follow your every move.

13.>  As we grow I will have a entertainment job board to help find gigs.


Feel free to contact me, Tom Daniels, General Manager at Orange County California. 949 533-7428 .