Thomas J Daniels
by June 16, 2020
Get together with your peers and practice and record this scene.  Practice Scenes. Call me for the sides for this scene. $2.00. Book our video department to video record this clip for you as a demo reel. phone 949 533-7428.
Thomas J Daniels
by July 24, 2019
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For those talents that would like a homepage on a formidable entertainment domain name website, Join our TALENT CLUB and "Show Off Your Talent in Video."  "ACTING  SCENES CATEGORY"  Copy a scene from ACTING SCENES Category,  A tv show, comedy act or a movie scene, not more then 5 to 10 minutes. Make a story board, memorize and rehearse the lines with a partner. Then with your own video camera record your scene. Do as many takes as you need. Just have fun and be safe doing it. Stay active in your craft. Join our TALENT CLUB today.