Thomas J Daniels
by January 22, 2021
Challenging Scenes: 1954 Crime Drama. Information from IMDB. A woman's sanity comes into question, after she claims to have witnessed a murder from her apartment window. Director:  Roy Rowland  |  John Alton  -  director of photography  |  Writer:  Chester Erskine (original screenplay) Stars: Barbra Stanwyck  -  Cheryl Draper George Sanders  -  Albert Richter Gary Merrill  -  Lawrence Mathews
Thomas J Daniels
by December 30, 2020
"The Heckling" Great PRACTICE MATERIAL to improve your acting skills. Work with your peers to act out this scene and the use your video camera to record it. Have fun and please pass the word about
Thomas J Daniels
by December 25, 2020
Challenging Scenes, find a partner and record this scene with your camera. This sceen,  George is uncertain about his future, strolls by Mary's house ( his childhood love. ) With an advance call by George's mom, Mary anxiously waits for him at the window to invite him. James Stewart - George Bailey Donna Reed - Mary Hatch Sarah Edwards Mrs. Hatch Frank Albertson - Sam Wainwright Directed by Frank Capra  
Thomas J Daniels
by December 17, 2020
Joim our Talent Club and "Showoff Your Talent in Video." Find a peer and act out this scene from home. Jean Boyajian just had a biopsy awaiting results. In the meantime her doctor perscribed her antibiotics. Matthew challenges her about her perscription needs.
Thomas J Daniels
by October 22, 2020
PRACTICE SCENES, Michael Landon's Highway to Heaven tv series (1988)  This is a great sceen to do for practice purposes. Ladies, get your peers together and practice this very emotional scene. Use your video camera to record it when you feel you are ready.
Thomas J Daniels
by September 21, 2020
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Challenging Scenes: A soldier is sending his wife mail, but getting no replies. Olivia looks into it. Finds some  something bad happened to the wife. Corabeth Godsey learns she will receive an inheritance.  It is not what she expects. In Southern California..... If you have a budget hire our Videography Department. Phone 949 533-7428 Director: Walter Alzmann Writers: Earl Hamner Jr. (created by) (as Earl Hamner), Robert Pirosh Stars: Ralph Waite, Michael Learned
Thomas J Daniels
by September 14, 2020
Here is a 2 minute scene. "The Engagement Scene" Have fun doing this scene. I select most scenes for you that are safe and at home so you can do this. Join our TALENT CLUB and showoff your talent in video. Need sides for this scene, Just $2.00. Call me at 949 533-7428. I email them to you. So get your peers together and enjoy.
Thomas J Daniels
by September 13, 2020
Challenge yourself with your peers  and act out this scene using one camera. I select scenes that can be done at your home. If you want sides for this scene call me at 949 533-7428. Also in Southern California hire us to do scenes and video demos. Join CastingNotices.Com as a HOME BASE and Talent Directory Member. Please pass the word about us.
Thomas J Daniels
by August 25, 2020
If it is in your budget, have our videography department help you with these scenes. Ralph meets an old boyfriend of Alice's, who tells Ralph what a great success he now is. Ralph doesn't want to admit that he's only a bus driver, so he pretends he's the head of the bus company. But his pretense may backfire, when Alice's former boyfriend and his wife invite Ralph and Alice to dinner at an expensive restaurant -- a place Ralph cannot afford.
Thomas J Daniels
by August 21, 2020
For adults and children actors, Hire our videography department and make a short video demo. Today's video, A second video production by Weston.
Thomas J Daniels
by August 3, 2020
Information From IMDB, Crime Of Passion (1957)  Find a partner and act out this short scene. Barbara Stanwyck plays a not-your-average '50s woman -- an extraordinary witty advice columnist -- who sacrifices her career to help advance her new husband's (Sterling Hayden), at any cost!  
Thomas J Daniels
by July 9, 2020
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From our video department, for child actors, in Los Angeles or Southern California, contact me to make a 2 minute video demo of your child. Phone 949 533-7428. Title "Hockey Dream" Weston wanted to do this his own way for a first acting demo for 7 year old boy Video recorded by CastingNotices.Com.