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Thomas Daniels
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Edge Of The City
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Challenging Scenes, Information from IMDB.⁣
Young drifter Axel Nordmann (John Cassavetes) arrives at the waterfront on the west side of Manhattan, seeking employment as a longshoreman, and giving his name as "Axel North." He goes to work in a gang of stevedores headed by Charlie Malick (Jack Warden) a vicious bully, and is befriended by Tommy Tyler (Sidney Poitier), who also supervises a stevedore gang and has an engaging, charming sense of humor. Malick resents blacks in positions of authority, and is antagonized when Axel goes to work for Tommy.
Axel moves into Tommy's neighborhood and becomes friends with Tommy's wife Lucy (Ruby Dee) and develops a romantic relationship with her friend Ellen Wilson (Kathleen Maguire). Tommy serves as a mentor to Axel, urging him to stand up to Malick, and that if he does he will be "ten feet tall." It is apparent from the start that Axel is hiding something, and it emerges that he is a deserter from the United States Army. Malick is aware of that, and is extorting money from him.
Malick frequently tries to provoke Tommy and Axel into fights, with Tommy coming to Axel's aid. Malick finally provokes Tommy into a fight, with both men using their baling hooks. At one point, Tommy disarms Malick and implores him to stop, but Malick seizes the hook and kills him. The police investigation is stymied by lack of cooperation from the longshoremen, including Axel. But after meeting with the distraught Lucy, who accuses him of never being Tommy's friend as he knows who killed Tommy but has not told the police, Axel finally decides to cooperate. He goes to Malick to tell him that. They get into a fight, and in the end, though beaten, Axel strangles Malick unconscious and drags him away to face justice.

Carrol Burnett Skit
224 Views · 1 year ago

Carrol Burnett Skit

⁣Here is a very funny Carol Burnett comedy scene. Challenge yourself. Get together with your peers and act out and video record this scene.

You can get the sides for this scene at <a href="https://castingnotices.com" alt="Download Sid

The Crimson Kimono
475 Views · 1 year ago

⁣The Crimson Kimono
Japanese partner, Los Angeles police detective (Glan Corbett) and his Japanese partner (James Shigeta) woo an artist (Victoria Shaw) while solving a stripper's murder.

They Drive By Night
376 Views · 1 year ago

⁣Info from IMDB. "They Drive By Night"
When one of two truck-driving brothers loses an arm, they both join a transport company where later, the other is falsely charged as an accessory in the murder of the owner.
Director: Raoul Walsh
Writers: Jerry Wald (screen play), Richard Macaulay (screen play)
Stars: George Raft, Humphrey Bogart, Ann Sheridan, Ida Lupino.

Underworld USA
701 Views · 1 year ago

⁣Underworld USA
A teenager who witnesses the murder of his father vows to exact revenge on the four mobsters involved in the killing.
Director: Samuel Fuller
Writer: Samuel Fuller
Stars: Cliff Robertson, Dolores Dorn, Beatrice Kay

Crime of Passion
2,352 Views · 1 year ago

⁣Information From IMDB, Crime Of Passion (1957)

Barbara Stanwyck plays a not-your-average '50s woman -- an extraordinary witty advice columnist -- who sacrifices her career to help advance her new husband's (Sterling Hayden), at any cost!.

The Heckling
2,054 Views · 1 year ago

Challenging Scenes: Carol Burnett Show. The Heckling with Steve Lawerence and the standup comic and Carol Burnett as his wife. Steve's character is always worrying about getting laughs.

its a wonderful life - Copy
520 Views · 1 year ago

The classic Movie about a town that came together to help a neighbor in financial trouble.
⁣James Stewart - George Bailey
Donna Reed - Mary Hatch
Sarah Edwards Mrs. Hatch
Frank Albertson - Sam Wainwright

Directed by Frank Capra
This scene,
George is uncertain about his future, strolls by
Mary's house ( his childhood love. )

With an advance call by George's mom, Mary anxiously
waits for him at the window to invite him.

A Christmas Visitor
849 Views · 1 year ago

Challenging Scenes: ⁣Jean Boyajian just had a biopsy awaiting results.
In the meantime her doctor perscribed her antibiotics.
Matthew challenges her about her perscription needs.

Hello and Farewell
665 Views · 1 year ago

Challenging Scenes: ⁣An adopted teenager learns that his biological mother is a Vietnam veteran suffering from PTSD.
Director: Michael Landon
Writer: Vince Gutierrez (as Vince R. Gutierrez)
Stars: Michael Landon, Victor French, David Ackroyd

Danger Signal 2nd Scene
2,961 Views · 1 year ago

⁣A very romantic murderer has plans to seduce, marry and kill a beautiful woman for her wealth, but finds her younger sister to be even better prey.
Director: Robert Florey
Writers: Adele Comandini (screenplay) (as Adele Commandini), C. Graham Baker (screenplay) (as Graham Baker) | 1 more credit »
Stars: Faye Emerson, Zachary Scott, Richard Erdman

Danger Signal
2,400 Views · 1 year ago

Challenging Scenes, "Danger Signal"
1945, ⁣A very romantic murderer has plans to seduce, marry and kill a beautiful woman for her wealth, but finds her younger sister to be even better prey.
Director: Robert Florey
Writers: Adele Comandini (screenplay) (as Adele Commandini), C. Graham Baker (screenplay) (as Graham Baker) | 1 more credit »
Stars: Faye Emerson, Zachary Scott, Richard Erdman

A Mans Pride
1,268 Views · 1 year ago

⁣Jackie Gleason - Honeymooners - scene. 2

1956 The Honeymooners. Ralph was inspired by a visitor who lived in his apartment 40 years earlier and started his dreams of success plans right there in that apartment.

All scenes I select are made for simple practice at your home or apartment. Join our talent club and "Showoff Your Talent In Video."
⁣honeymooners, jackie gleason, ralph kramden, art carney, ed norton, alice kramden, audrey meadows,

2,547 Views · 1 year ago

⁣Jordan Clark - Son Slater
Michael Learned - Olivia Walton

Challenging Scenes:
A soldier is sending his wife mail, but getting no replies. Olivia looks into it. Finds some
something bad happened to the wife. Corabeth Godsey learns she will receive an inheritance.
It is not what she expects.
In Southern California.....
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Director: Walter Alzmann
Writers: Earl Hamner Jr. (created by) (as Earl Hamner), Robert Pirosh
Stars: Ralph Waite, Michael Learned

Murder by Contract
1,531 Views · 1 year ago

Challenging Scenes👍
⁣Information provided by IMDB
"Murder by Contract"

Claude is a ruthless and efficient contract killer - until he finds his next target is a woman.
Director: Irving Lerner
Writer: Ben Simcoe
Stars: Vince Edwards, Phillip Pine, Herschel Bernardi

Vince Edwards as Claude
Michael Granger as Mr. Moon